BIGGIE Brands Automated Digital Marketing for Cartridge World Franchisees.

There’s no denying it. Marketing is hard work. We have been working with Cartridge World Franchisees for over 16 years. We know your business inside and out.

Using our marketing platform, we can reactivate your old client database, transform your sales process, and create a whole new way to communicate, all while being more connected to your customer and always front of mind when it's time to order ink and toner.

Every tool that is out there, tries to be a one fits all solution for the franchisee. What no one realizes that each franchisee has unique and independent needs.

This is not one size fits all cookie cutter marketing.

We also don't make you learn anything new.

This is done for you, customized marketing solutions that work for your specific business in your local market created specifically to connect you to more customers and sell more product. Simple as that.

Some of the services we provide

(But there is so much more we can do.)

Auto Capture

Targeted social and email campaigns with custom lead capture systems & landing pages.

Auto Nurture

Highly effective reengagement and retargeting through multiple follow up emails and SMS touches.

Auto Close

Give the customer multiple chances to respond to your marketing. Track each step of the customer journey from contact to to close.

Custom Solutions

Custom designed solutions specifically for your business. This is not cookie cutter marketing.

More Affordable

It's like having your own highly trained sales and marketing team on staff for one monthly fee.

Full Access to System

You get full access to the system to communicate with customers and monitor campaigns.

Just a few examples of our campaigns

Target specific industries and go after your perfect B2B clients.

Click the image to view the live funnel.

Always wanted to "choose" your clients? Well now you can. Target the perfect client base and show them how you can solve their problems.

Capture leads with a lead magnet. Qualify them with advanced surveys. Reward them even if they don't qualify.

*For any purchases through Stripe, You must record any transactions in Stripe directly in your POS. Click the image to view the live funnel.

This is perfect for the NCPP or "No cost printer" program.

Sell the program through funnels and across multichannel platforms. Get your offers in front of more people than ever before!

Give "Deals of the month" to reward loyal customers.

Click the image to view the live funnel.

Target customers with specific deals on the cartridges they use. You can be as broad as "All Brother Customers" or as specific as "Anyone who uses a TN-660".

Consistency is key. Have a campaign for every occasion or holiday.

Click the image to view the live funnel.

Marketing is a game of consistency. You have to be on time and keep up with the events and holidays to get the most engagement. We can handle that all for you.

Need more targeted leads?

Use our lead finder to target the perfect customers.


What our clients say about us.

"We know the marketing landscape has changed in terms of digital marketing, but we had no idea how or where to get started. BIGGIE Brands has helped us stay in touch with relevant marketing messages to our existing customers, while simultaneously reaching out to cold leads in our targeted area.

All of this marketing is automated which is great, because unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to devote to continuous follow up. Once I approve the campaign, I sit back and wait for the responses."

Master franchisor / Owner

Lori DeBerry

How much does marketing automation cost?

The costs of your marketing campaigns depend on all sorts of factors: your marketing budget, your targets, the number of channels / processes you’d like to use. A general rule of thumb is that small businesses should allocate between 15% and 25% of their revenue to keeping their business pipeline full.

Most small business owners don't have the time or knowledge to market their business in todays digital landscape. That's why we have taken the time to package all the processes of a full marketing agency and break it down into affordable monthly packages that can be used by any business.

Much less than other traditional methods of marketing.

Let's compare.

So, what do other services cost?

Hiring a sales rep

$20K base + commission

In most cases, you have to micro-manage sales reps constantly to see if they are preforming and and actually following up.

Who has the time or money to take that risk?

Cold calling agency

$900 - $1500/mo.

If you outsource your cold calling, you never know who is calling your customers and how they are representing your brand.

Just one touch, no follow up.

Marketing agency

$2000 - $2500/mo. retainer

If you are looking to build a relationship with digital marketing agency that will take the time understand your business, then you will have to pay large a monthly retainer.

So now you know what other services cost, let's see what you get with us for FREE.

(Get the calculator out)


Business Pro subscription

One-On-One hour long Marketing Consultation ($497.00 value)

We work with you to evaluate your current marketing efforts, what is working and what isn't, and develop a custom marketing plan tailored to your business and region.

All CW Branded Campaigns / Funnels / Workflows ($1970.00 value +)

You get access to all our pre-built marketing materials so you can hit the ground running.

You get thousands of dollars worth of pre-designed and programed content developed for real CW Franchises.

As new funnels are created you will get access to them as well as updates at no extra cost to you.

$2,467.00 FREE!

But wait, there's more...

(I always wanted to say that)

Sign up this month and we will waive our

one time set up fee!

another $500 value for FREE.

(Business Pro and Platinum Pro packages Only)

It takes a lot of time and effort to copy the workflows and funnels, then tie them together with your specific system automation and messaging.

*Our availability is limited. Since we devote time and attention to each one of our clients, we can only handle a limited amount of clients at once. Don't wait or you will need to get on our overflow waiting list.

Wait! Before we tell you our pricing...

(Did we mention that most Master Franchisees will allow you to use your banked marketing dollars to pay for this service?)

Oh, and our system replaces the core functionality (and costs!) of all this software:

BIGGIE Brands Package Pricing

We have created "Done for you" marketing packages that are affordable for any business.

Basic Starter

Marketing Package

Engagement & reputation management



(minimum 6 mo. commitment)

Database Reactivation

(simply re-engage old customers)

1 Website or Funnel

Basic Google My Business Review Requests

(easily start conversations without commitment)

Web Chat

(easily start conversations without commitment)

One time $300 set up fee

Business Pro Package

(most popular)

Full marketing campaigns,

done for you.



(minimum 6 mo. commitment)

Everything in Basic PLUS

Lead Magnets to attract warm customers

(collects new leads that you market to multiple times)

Multiple Landing Page Funnels

(take the customer on a path to purchase)

Multiple Email & Retargeting Campaigns

(monthly promotions)

SMS Two-Way Texting

Advanced Google My Business Review System

Appointment Setting

(push customers to book warm leads right to your calendar)

One time $500 set up fee

Platinum Pro Package


Free ad creation, better leads, social media engagement. Local listings.



(minimum 6 mo. commitment)

Everything in Business Pro PLUS

Artificial Intelligence Linked In Lead Finder

(500 leads / mo.)

Unlimited Campaigns / Workflows

(run multiple promotions per month)

Social media audit / Cross Campaign posting

(we cross post your promotions to social channels)

FREE 6 Months of FB or GMB Ad Creation

(ad budget is separate)

YEXT subscription

(Yext enables you to list your business on 150+ portals and websites to boost online presence and SEO instantly)

One time $500 set up fee